My Future Job


by kevin dooley


       That’s right, when I grow up I want to be a teacher. The main reason I want to be a teacher is because I get to work with kids. I don’t mind the little ones. They are so cute, and I love to see their little bubbly personality’s, when they walk through the door. I used to help out with the little kids when I was in 4th grade. Not just at school, but I would help out at church. I love seeing how smart the little kids are.

I would love to teach either drama, math, or social studies. I want to be a drama teacher because I love to act,I also love to see the students creativity. It’s so fun to watch the plays that they perform, because it shows who they really are. This is one class that will get the students up and active after they have been sitting all day. I wold love be a math teacher because I enjoy math in school and I want others to enjoy math like I do. I love social studies because I like learning about our nations history.

         I know it will take a lot of practice, and I will work hard to accomplish that. All states require at least a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. Which usually takes about four years. That is a long time, but trust me it will be worth it in the end!

here are some links that give you more info on teachers or how to become one.

This is for high school teachers

this is if you are interested for middle school

this is for an elementary teacher job

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