Ketchup time (update 3)


website by  creator is Craft0logy

Hey guys did you get the joke! Funny right, if you don’t know what i’m talking about I will inform you about my 20% project. I have not gotten much done but my class and I are doing an elevator pitch. This is where if we were in an elevator for more then 2  minutes  and had the chance to to talk to someone important , very important like they could donate or sponsor me, we would show them a short video of what i’m doing. I have finished my outline fr my elevator pitch. I will be using wevideo to record my video. I’m very scared that the park i am doing will turn me down or the weather will make me cancel it. But i’m confident and determined enough to do this project and get it done. I cant wait to show what progress next Friday but en-till then leave a comment telling me what you think about my project and if you had the opportunity to do a project like this what would you do.



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