About Me

Hello,my name is Tena! Its hard being me. I have gone through thin,thick,and extra thick. I live with my aunt and uncle, but I call them mom and dad because when I was little my mom was to sick to take care of me. But don’t get it wrong, I got to see her all the time. yet she passed away when I was 5. My dad couldn’t take care of me because be smoked, did drugs, and other inappropriate things. So the person who my mom trusted the most was her sister (even when she had 10 more brothers and sisters). So me, my brother (I have 4 brothers but only 1 lives with me), and my sister. But my aunts and uncles children (2 kids), I consider my brother and sister, too. Then my two cousins can’t live with there mom right now because she needs a place to stay besides my grandmas.

Now, that’s talk a little more about my interests. I love animals My 1st favorite animal is a fox, mainly because of there black, red, and white fuzzy fur. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite flower is a daffodil. I hope you like my first blog, comment for more!!!

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